Our deepest condolences

We at The DaleyGator are saddened to hear of the passing of a fellow blogger, who, sadly, we never got to know R.I.P Jane Jamison

Dell Hill from Uncoverage.net called today to tell me that the blog’s founder, Jane Jamison, died Saturday. Dell told me — I hadn’t previously known — that her name wasn’t actually Jane Jamison, but that this was a pseudonym she used to keep her life as a political commentator separate from the liberal world in which she might actually need to apply for a job.

She lived in the San Francisco Bay area, and was regular a radio guest on Jaz McKay’s popular afternoon program on KNZR 1560 AM in Bakersfield. She once got me onto Jaz’s show as a guest, which was pretty cool. Jane was also a contributor at Right Wing News, where John Hawkins has a brief remembrance.

Dell explained to me something else I hadn’t realized, that he became a blogger at Uncoverage.net after reaching Jane’s site through a link here. He said he noticed she seemed very busy, putting up lots of posts every day, and offered to contribute. She accepted his offer and now, it appears, Dell will keep Uncoverage.net going online after Jane’s death.

Ironically, Dell never actually met Jane in person. He lives in the Northeast, while she lived in California. I met Jane when she attended

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