Douchenozzle Trips Over His Own Pants While Running With Stolen Beer (Video)

Man Jailed After Stumbling Over Baggy Pants During Florida Beer Heist – Weekly Vice

Back in May of this year, we posted the video above which shows a beer thief stumbling over his baggy pants while attempting to make off with two cases of Bud Light.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office released surveillance camera footage of the attempted heist in hopes that someone would provide information that would lead to an arrest.


According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, a break in the case came on August 16 when a deputy spotted a black Chevy Malibu in the Lake Wales area that matched the getaway vehicle seen in the surveillance camera footage.

When detectives interviewed the vehicle’s owner, she admitted to loaning her vehicle to two men who told her they were going for a beer run.

As a result of the investigation, Miguel Ortiz (the beer thief) and Juan Luis Gutierrez (the driver) were arrested and charged with petit theft.

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