Katy Perry supports Israel, gets threatened by “peaceful” Muslims, Palestinians, leftists

Good for Katy Perry

It’s been an odd few days for pop-sensation Katy Perry. Not only did she make history after tying Michael Jackson for having five #1 hits off of a single album, but now the week has taken a vitriolic twist. That’s because Perry faced a slew of angry responses from Palestinians and their supporters after she sent a tweet asking others to pray for Israel:

This supportive message offers up the word “shalom” (peace) and seems to indicate Perry’s support for the Jewish state. Of course, it didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to light up with responses from Muslims, Palestinians and others who found the her message less-than-appealing. MichelleMalkin published some of these harsh messages:

Go read the messages at Michelle’s blog. Michelle also reports that Perry, sadly, has “clarified” her statement The nasty attacks, however, have continued! Katy, please understand you cannot appease these miscreants.

7 thoughts on “Katy Perry supports Israel, gets threatened by “peaceful” Muslims, Palestinians, leftists”

  1. God bless Katy Perry for trying to pray for Israel, God’s chosen people. Palestain is a Muslim nation that wants to destroy Isrrael and all infidels, yet liberal infidels are supporting Palestain , these nutty liberals are asininely crazy, but that’s liberals for you.crazy,crazy. I support Israel and I am proud of it. P.S. I support the Tea Party 100%, also. This is from a Democrat, but not for long, as I cannot stand their views, anymore. Somewhere, along the way they lost all sense of what is right and what is wrong.

    1. I left your dumb ass a message! I by the way, dont support Jews, or Arabs. I stay nuetral especially when i dont know what the hell is happening. Nice comment by your God loving Israeli friend below. Its nice God knows what a peaceful moron you are. And the type of animals (like the one below) you support!

  2. Yeah, I’m with you Susan, Palestinians are a disease. Women, men, children — they are all part of the disease. And it is because of this that they should all be exterminated because they are so dangerous. In this particular situation, I think a genocide (like what Hitler did with the Jews) would be appropriate for Palestinians — these sand arabs need to know that no one on the Earth supports them.

    Yeah we took your land, and now Palestinians are crying like bitches. Don’t be mad, Palestinian faggots, we will kill every single one you one by one — and rid the world of this disgusting disease. LONG LIVE ISRAEL!

  3. Susan although I dont support Palestinians i do love Israel. But your a fool to actually believe they are the chosen people. You dumb twat! Go read your bible, and see what GOD (jesus) has said. I read in Aramaic so hey, i am way ahead of your brainwashed head! Jesus throughout the chapter of Isaiah denounced Jews. He said no one will enter the gates o heaven but through me. If you deny me I will deny you in front of my father. You ignorant moron. Jesus, called the Jews the children of snakes, and vipors. When they denounced Jesus AKA God! He denounced them. Go read your bible, and straighten out your head. The Jews have not accepted JEsus AKA God which means they aint chosen no more! God made that very clear. Poor you!

  4. Martin you’re such a fool. JESUS isn’t God. Even Christians say that he’s God’s son.
    And before you try giving us all a lecture about relgion, Mr. Religion, go learn a thing or two about it.

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