Another plus for Perry?

Gun grabbers hate him, Obama fears him, Atheist activists detest him Abortion supporters loathe him, Al Gore Groupies hate him, and now? Trial lawyers despise him!

First it was atheists suing to keep him from promoting a prayer breakfast, and now:

America’s trial lawyers are getting ready to make the case against one of their biggest targets in years: Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Among litigators, there is no presidential candidate who inspires the same level of hatred — and fear — as Perry, an avowed opponent of the plaintiffs’ bar who has presided over several rounds of tort reform as governor.

And if Perry ends up as the Republican nominee for president, deep-pocketed trial lawyers intend to play a central role in the campaign to defeat him.

Lance Burri makes a great point

Okay, so it’s never good to have super-rich adversaries working against you. On the other hand, national-level candidates can never, ever avoid having super-rich adversaries working against them. So if you’ve got to have them, at least have the right ones.

Andfor a Republican candidate in a crowded field, trial attorneys are exactly the right enemies to have.

BINGO! You can tell a lot about a guy from his enemies

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