Your blog headline of the day

Comes to us from Stacy McCain, who describes Chris Matthews to a T!

Chris Matthews: Exceptionally Idiotic

ABSOLUTELY perfect! Matthews is a person who I would describe as educated beyond their hat size, meaning that no matter how much knowledge they gain, their mind is too feeble to retain any of the knowledge. Anyway, McCain continues in classic fashion, responding to  Matthews statement that “Sometimes I think the critics of the president are just clearly unfair when they say he doesn’t love this country,” says Chris Matthews, anchor of MSNBC’s “Hardball” program in one of the “Lean Forward” ads directed by Spike Lee.

“And here’s a guy of mixed background, and he said ‘Only in this country, my country, is this story possible.’ I think that was the greatest testament to American exceptionalism. I don’t think that you can say that in Japan or in China. You can’t go these countries and become Chinese.”

This is a mantra Matthews and his Leftist cohorts use a lot! To them, Obama is special because of his race, more than any other reason. This is a big reason that they always claim any criticism of Obama is raaaaacist! They are totally obsessed with his race, so everyone else must be too right? Talk about a classic case of Racial Obsession Syndrome! But what of the claim that those who question the president’s patriotism are being unfair? McCain lays into this nonsense

The first objection is this: Which critics are saying Obama “doesn’t love this country”? Can Chris Matthews produce a list of such people, with relevant quotations? But if Obama’s critics are saying this, isn’t the accusation in some sense fair?

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Obama told a cheering crowd on Oct. 29, 2008. If he loves America so much, why the need for fundamental transformation? How can you, on the one hand, be a patriotic believer in “American exceptionalism” and then expect people to cheer when you proclaim you are intent on “fundamentally transforming” America? There is a discordance between these two ideas.

To be clear, Obama’s entire campaign was based on Hop and Change. The Change part centering on bringing that fundamental change to America. And, as president, Obama has, indeed, done his level best to change our nation. He has done his best to move far away from the founding ideals of men like Madison, Jefferson and Franklin. He has changed, and radically so, our heath care system, he has brought radical change to our energy policies, our economy, and clearly wants to do more to redistribute wealth, or “spread the wealth around, as Obama puts it. His reasons for this push? To bring what he deems “fairness” to our nation, because, as he has said, “art some point, you have made enough money”.

Frankly, it sounds to me that those questioning Obama’s belief in the greatness of our nation have more than ample cause for their concerns.

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