Rick Perry Reaction Round Up

I called Perry the game-Changer, and he has made waves, so what are some of my favorite bloggers saying about Perry?

Robert likes Perry’s first shot, but warns of the hate fest coming from the Left

Maggies Notebook has questions

The Lonely Conservative likes Perry’s stance on climate change

Stacy McCain: Perry to co-chair pro-life gala

Kurt notes that Mike Huckabee sucks, and that he is wrong about Perry

Adrienne agrees with me that we ought to get used to saying President Perry

Jill: Yep, Perry will do nicely

Donald Douglas notes the size of Perrys, er………….

Joseph Lawler: Texas Miracle?

Andrew Klavan: My heart stirred

Roger Simon: Agnostics for Perry

Cold Fury: Just the kind of guy we need

Da Tech Guy: Still undecided

Don Surber: Following the Surber Rule

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Perry not intimidated by Romney, and is a great campaigner

Hookers and Booze: Perrymania

HotAir Perry admits mistake

Kim Priestcap: I am thrilled

NRO: Perry vs Krugman

Steve: Speaking of Perry

Obi’s Sister: Why is Obama sweating like a hog at a BBQ?

William Teach: Good news about Perry!

PJM: Will Perry fight?


Say Anything: Perry on Social Security

Sister Toldjah: Perry Derangement Syndrome begins!

Pat: Libs are already reaching for the bottom of the attack bucket!

Soylent Green: Two words for Mitt, bye and bye

Jimmy Bise: The White House is shaking like a leaf on a tree!

The Blaze: The worst attack on Perry

Real Revo: The Obama attack on Perry

The Right Scoop: Perry, Obama’s worst nightmare?

Lance: Hey, if Krugman hates Perry this much…………

Weasel Zippers: Bill Clinton has  a man crush on Perry?


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