Well, I think we know where Randy stands

Randy, of the Roundtable, has his candidate and even throws in his pick for VP too

The only “electable” candidate who I agree with on most issues. If Michelle Bachmann is the VP pick they will roll over Barry…

Perry/Bachman? Hmmmm Perry/Cain would be my choice, but either way Perry is likely the best candidate when all the factors are weighed.

I initially supported Cain, and I admire him tremendously, but, he is lagging, as the Iowa Straw Poll results show. Romney? the base is very iffy on him, although most would vote for him if he is nominated. Bachman? A big fan of hers but, I fear what the media might be able to do to her, think Palinize her. Paul? Give me a break, he is a joke. Gingrich? Pawlenty? Huntsman? No chance in Hell.

Finally, there is Sarah Palin, but, I am pretty much convinced she will not run, I think Perry entry pretty much finalizes that. They are pretty close and I think Palin will be a big supporter of Rick Perry.

Fact is, Perry is popular amongst the Tea Party, he has an incredible job creation record. He is a Fiscal, and Social Conservative, and folks, he would eradicate Obama in debates!

Here is his first ad

4 thoughts on “Well, I think we know where Randy stands”

  1. You know I’m not so sure about Perry. I need to do my research, however I’m hearing from a few of my Texas friends he’s a big government type conservative. As I said I need to do more research.

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