Rick Perry jumps in, the Left goes into attack mode

Well, it did not take Chris “Crazy Legs” Matthews long to not only attack Rick Perry, but all Texans too. To be fair to Matthews, I must point out that CBS News did a very biased hatchet job on Perry last night. But back to MSNBS, Matthews is nothing but a loud-mouth educated well beyond his hat size, and he is freaking over Perry’s candidacy. Expect Matthews, and the rest of the crew at MSNBS to be on full rage mode! This will be the ugliest, and nastiest campaign in a long time. the Left will be pulling out every trick to hold on to the Marxist savior, Obama. So, Chris, please bring it on!

Rick Perry is the anti-Obama, and Crazy Legs Matthews is likely going number two in his pants. Hey Chris, that is PRESIDENT Perry to you! Uh-Oh! Jill reports that NARAL is not happy either

Barack Obama reacts

6 thoughts on “Rick Perry jumps in, the Left goes into attack mode”

  1. My biggest problem with Perry is his stance on illegals. He’s almost a twin of GW on this problem, and it is one of the largest problems we have. FYI he came out against the arizona law, and signed a law that gives tuition to the children of illegals.

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