Daily Benefactor News – BIG FAIL: Unions & Far Left Burn Over $10 Million In Wisconsin Recall Efforts But Come Up Short


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BIG FAIL: Unions & Far Left Burn Over $10 Million In Wisconsin Recall Efforts But Come Up Short – Gateway Pundit

This Is What Democracy Looks Like.

Unions spent millions in Wisconsin and fell short picking up only two senate seats in last night’s election.

The Wisconsin senate remains in Republican hands.


We Are Wisconsin, a left leaning union group, spent $10 million on the recall elections but fell short.

The Christian Post reported:

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan group that tracks campaign spending in the state, is reporting that total spending in the recall election reached $33 million with dollars from outside the state accounting for approximately $28 million of the total. By the time all spending is accounted for the total amount could reach $40 million.

Michael Buelow, Research Director for The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, compared spending in Tuesday’s vote to recent elections.

“In the 2010 election cycle, 99 state house members and 17 senators were on the ballot. Total spending by candidates and all outside groups for the 116 races totaled a little more than $17 million,” Buelow told The Christian Post. “Spending by outside groups and candidates will more than double what was spent in 2010 and will hold the record for total spending any election to day.”

To put the spending into perspective, that averages over $6.5 million per election – for a state legislative seat.

“We’re seeing groups on the left and on the right spending about the same,” Buelow added.

We Are Wisconsin, a left leaning union group and right-leaning Club for Growth Wisconsin, will spend approximately $10 million each.

In one day alone the teacher’s union spent nearly half a million dollars on radio ads against Republicans.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Benefactor News – BIG FAIL: Unions & Far Left Burn Over $10 Million In Wisconsin Recall Efforts But Come Up Short”

  1. No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on – we should all be apalled at the millions of dollars that were spent by both sides in this race – and in all elections. Check out the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s (WDC) website to follow the money yourself: http://wisdc.org/index.php?module=cms&page=17 and join the WDC small dollar democracy initiative to give all people a voice in elections: http://wisdc.org/index.php?module=cms&page=3272

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