Your Daley Douchebag is Bill Press

Actually, this award is way too good for the likes of Press, who spends half his life whining about “inflammatory rhetoric” and the other half engaging in the very same thing H/T Right Scoop

Now, Press feels free to call those who dare to have different views “terrorists”, yet, recall how this walking definition of intolerant bastard screeches about “violent rhetoric”

Press, perhaps more than any other Lib talker, illustrates the Liberal Malady I call Selective Outrage Syndrome

Selective Outrage SyndromeSOS Ever take note of how “sensitive” Liberals are quick to become outraged over a certain things, like any criticism of a fellow Liberal? They rant about how insensitive and divisive it is. Yet, when a Conservative is attacked in the same way…. No outrage at all.

Thus it is with Press, who says the most incredibly vile things about the Right, but denounces the “rhetoric” of the Right. Much of the time the “rhetoric” he bemoans is benign and is simply dissent against Liberalism.

The saddest part about people like Press is that they are so closed-minded. Rather than being open to having their ideology challenged and debated, they bitterly attack not the ideas of their opponents, but their character. No wonder people like Press are always so pissed off and bitter . Imagine walking around every day, knowing that everything you believe in is wrong. Imagine being so addicted to feeling that your ideals should be correct, because they “feel” so right, that you cannot come to grips with the harsh reality that every last thing you claim to believe has never been true.

Maybe this is a new Liberal Malady? Maybe I should call it Perpetual Denial of Reality, or PDR? Anyway, I so, at times, feel badly for people like Press, they are pathetic in their addictive behavior, and like any other addict, they do deserve at least a bit of sympathy. The druggie has his crack pipe, Bill press has his own crack pipe, his addiction to the teachings of Marx.

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