The Left has never respected freedom of speech

And this story out of Arkansas just reminds us that power hungry Statists will not stop

This story sounds like something you would hear out of China, not the United States. In Gould, Arkansas the city council is planning to pass an ordinance that forbids any group from forming or gathering that will discuss city matters without first getting city council approval – a clear violation of the First Amendment.

They mayor is dead set against it but it appears from the video that they can override him:

Absolute tyranny, every one of these miscreants should be thrown out of office at once! We forget that often times, the most direct threats to our liberty come from city councils and county commissions

Video here

And of course, the war on lemonade stands continues

5 thoughts on “The Left has never respected freedom of speech”

  1. Maybe the members of that city council would reconsider their stance if a hundred or so citizens of their town decided to gather together for the sole purpose of beating the shit out of them…. uh… not that I condone such behavior, mind you.

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