Sorry Democrats, but raising taxes cannot fix stupid!

The Democratic answer to EVERY problem is either a new law, tighter regulations, or higher taxes sorry, I mean “revenues” the new word the Democrats are using for higher taxes on “the rich”. To listen to Democrats, which, by the way I do not recommend unless you have lots of Ibuprofen, or bourbon, taxing “the rich” sorry “revenues” will cure every ill. Lord knows, our debt as a nation could never be about OVERFREAKINGSPENDING! Oh no! 

The problem with Democrat calls for “revenues” is this. If we give more “revenues” they increase spending well past those revenues. Under the Bush administration, our national debt nearly doubled! Despite the fact that revenues, that is actual revenues, not the Democratic code word for higher taxes, went UP! Yes, Bush cut taxes, revenues rose, and yet, our irresponsible government, rather than acting like fiscally sane people, went on a spending orgy.

The Obama administration, has in just 30 months added another four trillion to our debt, making the spending orgy under Bush look like nothing. So why should we, the taxpayers, even consider giving more revenues to spend-a-holics who continue to illustrate absolutely zero ability to control themselves?

A great example of just how stuck on stoopit the Democrats are let us look at Milwaukee. Via Ann Althouse

2 absurdly discordant stories on the front page of today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

1. “Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said Friday the county faces a 2012 shortfall of about $55 million and renewed blunt warnings about the inevitability of service cuts.”

“There is no way we can avoid major cuts to balance the budget – and balance the budget is what we are going to do,” Abele said during a public briefing on county departmental budget requests for 2012.

2. “Milwaukee streetcar plan on track for passage.”

Milwaukee Common Council leaders Thursday endorsed building a $64.6 million modern streetcar line downtown, a move that brings the city closer than ever before to resolving a public transit debate that has raged for nearly 20 years.

With Thursday’s vote, a majority of aldermen have now declared their support for building the 2.1-mile line pushed by Mayor Tom Barrett…

The council’s Steering & Rules Committee acted despite warnings by city Comptroller W. Martin “Wally” Morics, who urged aldermen to slow down the process, and despite two utilities’ fears that the planned route would add tens of millions of dollars in costs and delay the project….

OK, now is when that bourbon and aspirin will come in handy. So go ahead, bang your head against the nearest wall a few more times, pop a couple, Hell, three aspirin, and down them with that Knob Creek.

The problem is clear. You cannot fix stoopit! Not with aspirin, bourbon, or even with higher taxes, er revenues.
Here is the solution that the Democrats need to come to grips with, it has been proven over and over and again. are you ready Democrats? Ready Mr. President? You cannot, I repeat CAN FREAKING NOT spend more than you take in. And you CANNOT, I repeat CAN FREAKING NOT break the backs of Americans with taxes, or revenues, or whatever you mental midgets are calling them this week to fund your Marxist view of what America should be.

IT is the spending stupid!

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