Man Arrested For 8th DUI; Loses License For Life

Man Arrested For 8th DUI; Loses License For Life – WFXT

A Winthrop man with seven prior convictions for drunk driving is being held without bail following his arraignment this week on his eighth such case, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said.

Joseph F. Limone, 60, gave a false name and failed every one of the field sobriety tests State Police administered during his July 12 arrest off Revere Beach Parkway, Conley said.


At his arraignment in Chelsea District Court on Wednesday, Limone was ordered held without bail pending a July 18 dangerousness hearing.

Limone is charged with operating under the influence as a fifth or subsequent offense, operating with a revoked license, furnishing a false name as an arrestee, malicious destruction of property, making a harsh or objectionable noise in the operation of a motor vehicle, and civil offenses.

Limone was arrested for this most recent arrest just after 5 p.m. on Tuesady at Revere. He was allegedly sounding the horn of his 1988 Lincoln Town Car repeatedly, swerving, driving very closely behind another vehicle and yelling.

A state trooper who pulled him over administered a series of four field sobriety tests. Limone allegedly failed all of them, being unable to recite the alphabet properly, stand on one leg, walk a straight line, or follow the movement of a pen without moving his head. At this point, Limone was arrested.

Upon arrival at the Revere Barracks, Limone allegedly kicked out the cruiser’s right rear window. According to a release from the Suffolk County DA’s office, “That action did not dissipate the strong smell of alcohol that had filled the cruiser after his arrest.”

Limone’s record includes offenses dating back to 1970. It includes OUI convictions in Essex and Suffolk counties in 1983, Suffolk County in 1984, Essex County in 1987 and 1996, and Middlesex County in 2001 and 2007. That latter offense is currently on appeal before the Supreme Judicial Court.

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