How can we live with the far Left? How indeed?

Bob Belvedere, a normally fun guy is, in his own words despondent over then future of America

I don’t know what Jeff Goldstein would say about what Mr. Steyn has written, but I do know that he understands how serious the situation is. And he’s determined to fight [tip of the fedora to Paco]:

We have pissed away the greatest experiment ever conceived in self-government. And watching helplessly as the left moves us ever closer to the rule of man — where government is all-powerful and can determine our rights for us, granting them or removing them at a whim based on a clearly farcical “reading” of, eg., the Commerce Clause — should remind us just how precious liberty is.

We shan’t go down without a fight. Once this country is unrecognizable as this country, the time will come once again to declare our independence.

We are a people who were born in freedom. Let the rest of the world suffer in servitude to the state. That ain’t us. And it won’t be — at least, not so long as we still have a voice and a will and the desire to be free. And those who wish to do us harm had better stop underestimating our resolve.


As for myself, I have lately become more despondent, seriously questioning if we can hold The Union together. There’s just too many differences between us. Short of exiling of all Leftists, I don’t see how the Right and the Left can continue to live together much longer. The two side have totally different views of Life and Reality. If, by Divine Providence, we were to get the Progressives out of government at all levels and reconstitute said governments under the Founding Principles, you know the Left would immediately begin scheming to get back into power and, since they live by the philosophy of ‘by any means necessary’, since they have no moral sense, they would do whatever it took, twisting the law and usurping it, to regain power — because that is what they care about the most.

Leftism is incompatible with American Values. It despises custom, morality, and Right Reason. It rejects the importance of tradition and, in fact, scorns and spits on it. Leftists seek not to learn from the wisdom of those who have come before them. They disdain the hard-won knowledge that politics is the art of the possible. They seek to remake the world in their image, to be as gods.

How can you deal with such people?

You can’t because they believe they have found The Answer — that secret knowledge that the man of the Right believes can only be known to God. The Left believes mankind can be perfected, whereas those on the Right know that Human Beings are, well, human, in the purest sense of the that word — they err and will always err, they are flawed and will always fail.

Thus, the Right seeks to craft governments and institutions that put checks on the damage erring men can do. The Left, on the other hand, believing that people can be perfected, sees no reason for such restraints. Their faith in the idea that the Eschaton can be Immanentized, leads them to brook no opposition because, well, how can you oppose the Illuminated Wisdom they have discovered unless you’re an idiot or a fool? It is a torturous logic they follow and it leads, inevitably, given the frustrations they will experience imposing it on their flawed fellow Human Beings, to them torturing their fellow Human Beings. And it has in every single place it has been tried.

So, there is no possible way normal reasonable people can deal with such people — nor should they because they will be outgunned every time because, unlike themselves, the Left will not feel any pressure to conform to the rules of Right Reason and civilization. The Right plays by a set of rules first forged by the hand of God on Mount Sinai; the Left makes up it rules as it goes along, believing the ends [Illumination, Heaven On Earth] justify the means [anything goes].

It is inevitable that the two sides will clash and that, eventually, the chances are very good that this clash will escalate to the battlefield. This is especially true in The United States, where the belief in constitutional government is the strongest.

The Left will not compromise in the ends they desire to force upon us — they are the most feverish and fervid and fanatical of believers, who are unbound to any sense of morality.

We on the Right must not compromise because we have an obligation to those who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor that we might be born free, and to the American children born and those to be born to hand them what was given to us.

‘We might have been a free and great people together’, wrote Thomas Jefferson, and he was right in speaking of the American Colonies and Britain, but the same does not apply to the Left and the Right in The United States — there was never a chance that we could coexist for too long with people who despise everything we believe and everything we, as Americans, are.

Great thoughts, I fear for this nation too, anyone who understands our founding principles does. Every year, we move farther and farther away from those principles, and every year we slide deeper into the morass of Marxism.

There are those who will scoff at Bob’s belief that the Left are the true fanatics seeking to force their religion, Marxism, down all of our throats. But, nothing could be more obvious. The Left practices no tolerance, nor does it embrace, in the least, any diversity. The Left welcomes only those who march and speak in lock step with the Left. Those who do not are targeted for utter destruction.

The does not seek compromise, or common ground. It seeks nothing but total control of our lives. The Collectivist Left believes to their very core that people are not fit, nor are they capable of self-determination. The Left loathes the Individual because an individual is a threat. A threat to the very ideal of Collectivism. Dennis Prager has said, quite correctly, that the larger the State, the smaller the individual. That is the certain truth. The Left believes that “rights” are to be given, or taken by the State according to whatever benefits not the individual, but the State!

History has shown that the Left will do anything to bring about their vision for mankind. Violence, intimidation, rigging elections, lying, and any other means are justified because the Left seeks to place their Utopian vision of State enforced Collectivism on all of us.

So, can we “get along”? Coexist? Work together? I fail to see how. two sides so divided can never work together because a common goal is needed for cooperation. The Left and Right have no common goals. They are, in the end polar opposites, and one will eventually win. Pray with all your heart that it is the Individualists that win, it is the only hope for America.

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