Your July 4th Linkfest!

Celebrating those who are celebrating the 4th!

A Conservative Teacher who is trying to drive the “elites” nuts

Pat in Shreveport,  one of our Blogs of the month, man does she have a lot to do

Randy, another of our featured blogs has gone bikini crazy

A Trainwreck in Maxwell? He has Red Skelton

Thank YOU Adrienne!

Duane Lester has some great American music

Always on Watch has The Duke!

Robert checks in with a stark reminder

Aleister has the spirit

Yet another of our featured blogs, Troglopundit AKA Lance Burri, AKA Danica Patrick stalker goes Star Wars on us

Donald Douglas has fireworks!!

America’s Watchtower quotes Adams

Dave C reminds us that we might have to fight for our grills soon

Pam Gellar a pro-western, pro-America PATRIOT!

Anne: All-American

More fireworks at Bring the Heat

Brutally Honest features a war horse hero

I am still linking Bob, even though he forgot me in his round up

Matt is bringing it OLD SCHOOL

Daniel Greenfield asks a tough question

Don Surber is ranking rights

Pissed has flags, eagles, bikinis………….

Fleece Me has a MUST READ!

Full Metal Patriot remember 1776

Fuzzy Slippers has the wisdom of Jefferson

Hell on Earth has Patriotic Hotties!

I Own the World: The thugs are coming!

Shamus has Martina McBride

Jamie Jeffords is a naughty man

Wirecutter has a motivator!

Little Miss Atilla has cool videos

Maggie looks back at the founding

Michelle has a great post

MNR says GIVE! We should to this great cause

Nice Deb has some awesome videos

Obi’s Sister is a Patriot

P/Oed Patriot has some more fireworks

Paco is celebrating

Pesky emotional Republican has Rap?

William Teach is all over the 4th!

Pixie is rocking the 4th!



Pot Luck: IDIOTS!

Proof is ready to put a patriotic foot in someone’s…………

RRR says do not worry, America always kicks ass!

Jill looks at PC and liberty

Right Klik: Three things

Sentry Journal has some July 4th notes

Sister Toldjah is a great American

Soylent Green has some bikinis, fireworks, body paint, YEP, looks like a party!

Wyatt Earp loves America

Tereasmerica? Tyranny then and now

The Other McCain: Further Effort!

The Real Revo: A Tribute!

Theo: TOTTY!

SilverFiddle: PATRIOTS!

Wyblog: MEAT!

Zilla: WE RULE!

Happy birthday to us. Thank you Lord for our liberty! Thank you Founders for America, and thank you servicemen for defending our liberties!

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