Obamanomics summed up………………

Barack Obama reflexively doesn’t trust the private sector economy! Steve at Motor City Times lays it out.

Barack Obama reflexively doesn’t trust the private sector economy. A perfect example of this mistrust is his Ensuring American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing plan he unveiled this week in Pittsburgh.

Obama’s plan? He wants to inject more government control and interference in the private sector through public / private partnerships. Via The White house blog:

The President’s plan, which leverages existing programs and proposals, will invest more than $500 million to jumpstart this effort.These investments will build domestic manufacturing capabilities in critical national security industries and reduce the time needed to make advanced materials used in manufacturing products. Additionally, we will invest in next-generation robotics, increase energy-efficiency in the manufacturing process and develop new technologies that will dramatically reduce the time required to design, build, and test manufactured goods.

The President stressed that leading universities and companies will compliment these federal efforts by working together to invent, deploy and scale the cutting-edge technologies that will create new jobs, spark new breakthroughs, and reinvigorate American manufacturing today and in the future:

This new partnership that we’ve created will make sure tomorrow’s breakthroughs are American breakthroughs. We’re teaming up to foster the kind of collaborative R&D that resulted in those same early discoveries, and to create the kind of innovation infrastructure necessary to get ideas from the drawing board to the manufacturing floor to the market more rapidly –- all of which will make our businesses more competitive and create new, high-quality manufacturing jobs.

To develop his ‘advanced manufacturing’ central plan, Obama has relied on his Council of Advisors on Science and Technology chaired by none other than John P. Holdren. The very same John P. Holdren who advocates population control, argues that trees have legal rights and who is closely linked to the climategate scandal. As far as anyone knows, Holdren has never spent a day earning a living in the private sector.

To offset Chairman Holdren’s extensive experience in academia, you would think a committee setting policy for ‘advanced manufacturing’ would include a contingent of experts from the manufacturing sector. Of course, you would be wrong. The committee includes academics such as S. James Gates, Jr. Professor of Physics & Director, Center for String and Particle Theory University of Maryland, College Park.

Of the twenty committee members only two; Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer – Microsoft Corporation and Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman – Google, Inc. are from the for profit private sector. Google and Microsoft are leaders in their respective fields but they are not what anyone would consider ‘high tech’ or even ‘average tech’ manufacturing organizations.

Much more at the link, please go read the whole thing. Obama is what he is, and what he is is a Socialist. Yes, I know that such language is forbidden by some on the Right, who want to dance around the ugly truth, but, they are the same folks who think  nominating candidates like John McCain is our best hope. Tell me how did that work out for us?

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