The DaleyGator third Blogiversary link fest updated through the weekend

To all those blogs that have linked Ed and I, and offered advice, friendship, and who have served as role models, this link fest is for y’all! THANK YOU!

Steve at Motor City Times, who links often

William Teach, who always includes us in his Sunday Pin-Up round up. Without him, how would we know why the Vikings have never won a Superbowl.

The POH Diaries, which links us AND does  a great job exposing the radical pals of our president

A Trainwreck in Maxwell, Kurt links us and is dead on target here

Adrienne is another gator admirer,and has GREAT, or should I say GERT news!

Robert links often, and always provokes thought, which is good

Aleister deserves thanks, and has a look at Marxists thugs pretending to be what they clearly are not

Donald Douglas, is a guy I want to hang out with sometime after all he has Heidi Klum nude

Clifton links us and shares my disdain for politicians who are old news

Dave C, links and contributes here thanks!

Babalu, one of the first blogs to blogroll us, keeps eyes on that fat bastard Castro

Bring the Heat always brings us traffic! Thanks!

Bob Belvedere is a great friend of this blog, and like Ed and I hates Douche Nozzles

Carol is another long time buddy, where is she?

Matt, and the crew at Conservative Hideout offer tremendous content, and they like Ed and I, so you KNOW they are cool

Jamie Jeffords has been very kind to us, he enjoys babes, and is an OK guy, however, he is a Gamecock fan, so this week, I have to pull for my Gators to pluck his team.

The Feral Irishman appreciates the finer things in life, like this blog, hot women, and the greatest drummer EVAH!

Fleece Me? Great blog, thoughtful, and never boring

The Founding Bloggers are always sending us traffic, and we appreciate that, and the fine work they do

Government Mess blogrolls us, and questions the intellect of Turbo Tax Timmy!

Grandpa John, is always a fun visit

Hell on Earth lists us as a favorite, and appreciates natural wonders too

Shamus enjoys life’s joys, cold beer, and our blog of course!

Wirecutter honors our political INcorrectness, and has an example of something that just ain’t right!

Liberal Guy predicts Rick Perry will, you know……..

Maggie’s Notebook has been kind in linking us as well

Makes My Brain Itch rolls us

The Robot dude? A great ally!

How great is the Daley Gator? Even Dawg fans link us

Pixie Place, thanks

To the Lovely Ladies at Pot Luck? THANKS!

Proof Positive links often, and has a great picture that will make you smile

Jill has been so gracious and sweet, I think Ed and I are tied for second favorite guy, behind Mark Steyn of course!

Randy links us AND shares our disdain for Nancy and her fake face

Right Klik which i do not visit often enough, includes us in their blogroll

Stogie, who shares my Southern pride looks at a surrender monkey

Say Anything confirms that EVERYTHING is Sarah Palin’s fault

Sentry Journal? A daily must read

Sister Toldjah? Classy, lovely, smart, and a true Belle

Another great Southern lady, even if she is an LSU fan, is Pat Austin, she takes some great road trips

Soylent Green loves the lovelies, and links us too. SMART!

Wyatt Earp, links us, and asks Delta Airlines WTFingF ?????

That Mr. G Guy is a place you need to visit

Russ, my friend, thank you!

Mike, my buddy, at The Classic Liberal, always makes me think, even when we differ. But on the SPLC, we are in total agreement

What can I say about Stacy McCain and Smitty? Those two are national treasures, and have been very helpful, and kind to Ed and I

Theo Spark is maybe the best blog going, those folks have content, variety, humor, babes, cool pictures, and on and on

Lance Burri? Great blogger!

The Reb? Links us and is worth a read

The Western Hero, is an intellectual gold mine

The Wolf Files, a great source for any blogger, and a fan of Ed and I

Wyblog, the creation of chaos from the mind of Chris Wysocki, is a great friend for us, and we thank him!

15 thoughts on “The DaleyGator third Blogiversary link fest updated through the weekend”

  1. Gator, thank you very much for the linkage. You guys rule and I am honored that you included me in your three year Blogaversary.

    Congratulations to the Daley Gator! May you all be blessed with success and good times.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to fight off a hangover. ;-p

  2. Thanks for the invite to y’all’s party. Congrates on making it three years and hope for many more. Now it’s off to Cleveland, SC to get some fresh South Carolina Peaches…Mmmm good. Maybe I can talk the wife into making some “Peach Delight.”

    Mike G.

  3. I apologize for not getting here sooner to wish you happy damn B-DAY, with work, travel and FLOODING all over the state….So happy damn B-DAY gents! Keep up all the great work.

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