Boy, the media really loves them some Jon Huntsman

They are swooning, and crooning like love struck teenagers. He is handsome, smooth, well spoken, he reminds them of JFK, and on and on. All I know is this, if the media love Huntsman that much, it is because they think he will lose to Obama. Do not fall for it! Michelle is not falling for the younger, better looking “Maverick” either

Jon Huntsman wants you to know he rides a dirt bike. On real dirt! He’s Salt of the Earth. Grease of the Garage. Dragster on the Dunes. Huntsman’s runnin’ and gunnin’ for president. But underneath the Steve McQueen costumery, this made-for-cable-TV Moderate Speed Racer is a creaky old John McCain on Wheels.

The former Utah Republican governor and Obama ambassador to China is the answer to an election-year problem that doesn’t exist. The quadrennial “problem,” in the minds of Beltway GOP strategists and liberal media chin-pullers, is that the Republican Party isn’t moderate, civil, self-critical or inclusive enough.

Read the whole thing, it is well worth your time. Again, if the media is this infatuated with Huntsman…………….

UPDATE! Rush, apparently, is sort of puzzled by the “huntsman as Reagan” lie. In short, Rush rightly points out that Reagan went after Jimmy Carter in 1980. The whole Huntsman is Mr Civility line the media is playing up is an attempt to sway GOP voters into believing that they can win by being nicer, more civil, and softer. AGAIN, if the media is spinning it that way, we ought to go the opposite direction.

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