Palinphobia outbreaks all over USA

I was listening to Michael Medved yesterday on the drive home. He, along with George Will, and Charles Krauthammer, and other select “establishment Republicans” are, and have been telling us that Sarah Palin could never become our nominee, and that if she did, she would lose badly to Barack Obama. And, I admit to having my own doubts about her ability to win next November. I think her biggest obstacle would be overcoming the damage done her by the media, which has painted her as an idiot, unable to lead etc.

One thing, though, keeps me from counting her out, and that is the fact that Democrats are SO damned afraid of her. If they thought she was no threat, they would be doing their best to get her nominated next November wouldn’t they? Of course they would, so, before you count her out, ask yourself the question that William Teach looks into today. Why are they so afraid of Palin?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for someone who is supposed to be a lightweight, stupid, and has no chance of being president, Palin sure scares the panty shields off of the liberal media and the GOP intelligentsia, and The Politico is there to make sure they tell us once again that Palin is not serious: Sarah Palin’s bus tour leaves GOP cold

Let me pause here to remind y’all that a lot of the GOP “elites” were sure Reagan could never win in 1980 either. Sometimes, I wonder if the GOP leadership really does not trust us, the GOP voters to elect who we want, maybe their noses are just a bit too elevated to let too “common” a candidate get elected. Or perhaps they fear for their power? Anyway, back to William Teach’s look into what I am calling Palinphobia

As it played out on TV this week, Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” road trip of U.S. historical sites was a masterpiece of political mischief-making – a wild dash up the East Coast that delighted her fans and cornered the market on 2012 coverage for days on end.

That’s not how the bus tour looked to Republicans on the ground, many of whom are more convinced than ever that the former Alaska governor is simply not serious about running for president.

While Palin has reveled in giving an extended one-fingered salute to the national press, refusing to give out details about her travel schedule and forcing reporters to literally chase her vehicle up I-95 in order to cover her, she reached out to precious few activists and party leaders in the states she visited. And the locals have noticed, leaving them scratching their heads and looking for a rationale for a candidacy.

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason, whose state hosted Palin on visits to Gettysburg and the Liberty Bell, voiced a common exasperation about Palin’s tour: “I don’t think theater wins elections.”

O RLY? How’d Obama Theater work out?

“Running for president is a very serious thing and you need to deal with it as such,” Gleason said. “I’m looking for party builders.”

In other words, he’s looking for, like so many of the GOP insiders and wishy washy Republicans, someone just like him, who plays the same old tired political game. One would think that the rise of the TEA Party and the historic mid-term blowout, which included so many TEA Party supported candidates, would have given the GOP establishment a clue. Apparently not.

BINGO! This is about keeping the same old, same old “moderate” in other words non-principled Republicans in power. Those Republicans who put principles BEFORE politics are only allowed to rise so far by the would-be elites of the GOP. In the end, the self-appointed GOP elites are about politics before principles. They are, in short men and women that are nothing like our Founders. Their desire to keep their power and place in the pecking order is far stronger than their comittment to America’s founding principles. 

Consider this bit from the Politico link.

Former New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen, who noted that “the normal laws of political gravity don’t seem to apply to Sarah Palin,” said the catch-me-if-you-can act has to end sooner or later, all the same.

“At some point the establishment has to be paid its due,” he said. “She gets sort of an initial pass, but at some point the goodwill gets used up.”

In other words Palin is not “playing ball”, and therefore can not be allowed to win. You want to know what I think about the “establishment” of the GOP? It is a sad commentary, but if Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison,  or Benjamin Franklin, or George Mason were to come back to life, and seek to win the nomination, they would likely receive the same treatment from the establishment types. They were great and all, but they would surely be deemed too, unconventional.

I am certainly thankful we did not have the gutless wonder GOP elites around in 1776, if they had been, we would still be a colony.

2 thoughts on “Palinphobia outbreaks all over USA”

  1. They did the same thing to Reagan.

    Earlier this week George Will questioned whether or not America would hand the “nuclear keys” over to Palin. I remember when Reagan ran for president the liberals said that we would have a nuclear war if he were given those same “nuclear keys”.

    I’ve seen this movie before and I like how it ends.

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