OK, why didn’t they have THESE field trips when I was in 8th grade?

I feel cheated that during my junior high days, I never got to take a field trip to Hooters!

Somehow this made news, which seems a bit odd since no parents have complained. I doubt any of the boys did either.

For one group of Berwick School District eighth-graders, a recent field trip to Baltimore included lunch at Hooters — a restaurant better known for its busty waitresses than its food.

The Berwick Middle School students were visiting the National Aquarium last week. Chaperones took them to various restaurants for lunch because the group of 100 was too large for a single place.

One group of 15 to 20 students reportedly ended up at Hooters.

Superintendent Wayne Brookhart says that while he wishes the group’s coed chaperones had chosen another restaurant, he has not received any complaints from parents.

6 thoughts on “OK, why didn’t they have THESE field trips when I was in 8th grade?”

  1. Hooters doesn’t really have big busty women in hot pants so much anymore. It’s more “used to” than what they actually do now. Really? It’s just overpriced wings, cold drinks, fried pickles and UFC.

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