Wow! Yet another Democrat singing the praises of “Death panels”

Charles Schumer, United States Senator from Ne...
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This time it is Chucky Schummer!

Republicans need to come up with their own “throw granny off the cliff” ad. They could use an Obama lookalike, for cutting $500 billion from medicare to pay for ObamaCARE. Or they can use Schmuck Charles Schumer who advocated on NBC today (and as usual got a free pass) rationing health care for sick senior citizens. According to CNSNEWS, Schumer proposed a reform that would ration health care for sick seniors by telling doctors the Medicare system would pay them a single flat fee for treating a particular illness as opposed to paying for the specific services needed to treat a particular patient. Aka, a one size fits all system. The system proposed by Schumer would give health-care providers a financial incentive to withhold care from sick seniors because each and every service or treatment they provided would cut into their profit margin–or cause them to lose money. Where’s the media outrage? Oh that’s right. schmucky Schumer is of course a far left Marxist Democrat, so the media has no problem with this.

Left Wing compassion! A video preview, obviously Schummer approved~!

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