TSA Worker Caught Trying To Sneak Loaded Gun Past Airport Security

TSA Worker Caught Trying To Sneak Loaded Gun Past Airport Security – WFTV

Police said a TSA worker was caught trying to carry a loaded gun through security at Orlando International Airport.

Rynal Dela Cruz was arrested on Monday. His credentials were revoked, and he has since resigned.

According to the arrest report, the gun was in a bag as Dela Cruz attempted to pass through screening before heading to work.

An x-ray image revealed the gun, which was loaded with six rounds.

An Orlando police officer and FBI agent both questioned Dela Cruz. He told investigators he “forgot” he had the gun with him.


The screening process is required for every single employee at the airport in order to enter secured areas. The only other U.S. airport that screens all of its personnel is Miami International Airport.

A spokeswoman for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority said she’s never heard of an agent accidentally bringing a loaded gun to work.

“I’m sure that was explained to them when they were hired. So, I don’t think there’s any excuse,” said traveler James Kim.

Dela Cruz was hauled off to jail. He has posted a $250 bond.

“I’m comforted by the fact that the security system is working here, even for the workers here,” said Kim.

The airport plans to press charges.

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