It is all about the language you see

When someone is asked about Hamas, you have to listen carefully to their words, especially when they are telling students lies like “Hams has done a lot of good…..”

Hamas has “done a lot of good” in Palestine, students at a University of California, Irvine program were told last week.

At a speech sponsored by the Muslim Student Union called “What Israeli Going On,” Amir Mertaban repeatedly refused to answer when audience members asked if he condemned the terrorist group which now controls Gaza. He called it “a loaded question.” Instead, he praised the group’s social and political program while rationalizing the issue of its violence.

A “loaded question” It is nothing but a direct and very simple question. Anyone who dances around a question like this asshat does is either so morally retarded that they cannot accept reality, or they are a supporter of terrorism.

“Any unjust killing of Israeli civilians I absolutely abhor and Islam does not allow,” he said.

Note that he uses the term “unjustified” killing of an Israeli civilian. My first question is what does he consider “justified”? The answer to that becomes pretty clear as he continues

“However, Hamas has also done a lot of freedom fighting missions for that matter. And I am absolutely one who defends anyone’s right, whether you be American, whether you be Jewish, Israeli, Palestinian, to defend your rights. If you feel that you’ve been attacked wrongfully, and you defend you rights, I will never call you a terrorist.”

Aha, now we see, Hamas are freedom fighters when they blow up busloads of innocent Israelis, they are merely defending their rights, so they could not be a terrorist you see.

Hamas is a terrorist organization, and this man damn well knows that. He supports the barbarism and evil Hamas visits upon Israeli civilians. Sure, he condemns the “unjustified” killing of civilians, but then characterizes the vile acts Hamas carries out as “freedom fighting” you see.

More evidence of this swine’s true colors can be found in past statements.

Later in the speech Mertaban said that he supported the Taliban during the 1980s. “So do I support the Taliban then? That’s a loaded question. In the 80s – sure, they were fighting for their rights and for their freedoms. I absolutely support what they were doing then.” Mertaban said nothing to condemn the Taliban and did not mention the terrorism that the group has employed since its inception.

That is not necessarily surprising, given Mertaban’s past remarks at an MSA event.

During a 2007 MSA-West conference, he suggested Muslims stand by Osama bin Laden even if he had done wrong. “I don’t know this guy. I don’t know what he did. I don’t know what he said. I don’t know what happened,” Mertaban said.”But we defend Muslim brothers and we defend our Muslim sisters to the end. Is that clear?”

Yes, I think this is very clear.

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