Raising Cain in 2012! Herman Cain is heating up

Herman Cain
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Stacy McCain tells us that Herman Cain, despite the naysayers, is starting to heat up.

Atlanta businessman Herman Cain’s strong showing in Thursday’s South Carolina GOP presidential debate — winning over a Fox News focus group in a performance that pollster Frank Luntz called “unprecedented” — has given his campaign a sudden boost, Neil King Jr. reports at the Wall Street Journal:

Interview requests are pouring in, along with donations, volunteers and invitations to speak.
On Friday night, several hundred people turned out to hear him in Las Vegas. The same night, he won a Washington state GOP straw poll. On Monday, former UPS president Ron Wallace will host a high-priced fundraiser for Mr. Cain in the suburbs of his hometown, Atlanta. Three hundred are expected to attend.
Long-shot presidential candidates seek one thing in the early stages of a campaign: Traction. Mr. Cain may have just won that.

At Friday’s event in Las Vegas, “Many came to see [Cain] despite not knowing who he was a mere 24 hours earlier,” blogger Mike Chamberlain reported.

Cain’s strong performance also helped boost him into the Iowa Independent‘s GOP 2012 “Power Rankings,” which noted “the energy he has created in Iowa,” and quoted one observer’s remark: “If you could take Donald Trump and remove all the negatives, you end up with Herman Cain.”

Cain is rising, he has substance, and maybe America is finally ready for substance, leadership, and a no BS approach to being a candidate for president. No matter what those “smart” pundits tell you, do not listen, do not settle for less!

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