Turns out OBL wasn’t so tough after all

Old Osama died like a gutless coward, which just suits swine like him.

There was always talk that bin Laden would have his guards kill him or kill himself before the filthy infidels could kill or capture him. He certainly had plenty of time to do it once the raid started it. Well turns out Mr. Tough Guy who had no problem killing or sending others to their death wasn’t so tough after all.

Sources involved in the operation that took down Usama bin Laden told Fox News the terrorist leader acted “scared” and “completely confused” in his final moments, “shoving his wife” at the Navy SEAL who ultimately shot him.The information helps clarify the conflicting details about what exactly happened toward the end of the 40-minute raid on bin Laden’s northern Pakistan compound. Sources who were part of the mission said bin Laden acted in a “cowardly manner” when confronted.

Via Melisa Clouthier’s Twitter feed.

If there’s video of this it needs to be released. Now. Let the cannon fodder of the Islamic world see what there leader is like when confronted not with the idea of killing unarmed civilians but warriors. I like to think the bastard shit his pants.

What a great idea, I do believe the Arab world understands, and to a degree respects strength. So, show them what Osama did when face to face with a Navy Seal. Of course, Navy Seals are the baddest dudes there are, let’s face it. Fact is that when the Seals come for you, you are pretty much SOL but Osama died like a little bitch, which really suits him.

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