Man Kills Neighbor’s Goat While Dressed In Bra And Panties

Man Kills Neighbor’s Goat While Dressed In Bra And Panties – Weekly Vice

Mark Thompson, a 19-year-old Alum Creek resident was jailed Monday after he reportedly killed his neighbor’s goat while high on bath salts. He was then found laying next to the dead goat dressed in a woman’s bra and panties.

According to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office, Thompson’s neighbor called police at about 3:15 a.m. and reported that Thompson had stolen her goat.

She stated that her nephew, Joshua Pollis, had received a call stating that the goat was wandering around at Thompson’s house and that he “better come get it”.

Investigators say when Pollis and two women arrived at Thompson’s residence, they found him in his bedroom with his pants down, wearing women’s underwear and bra. The goat had been killed, and there was blood all over the room.


When asked about the goat, Thompson fled the scene. He was found by police several hours later in a nearby wooded area. Officers searched Thompson’s home and found the goat deceased in a bedroom with blood coming from a stab wound to it’s neck.

Additionally, there was a pornographic magazine laying nearby. Police transported the animal to a veterinarian for a necropsy. Results are pending.

Powers stated that she had purchased the goat for her 4-year-old grandson just 3 days before it’s demise.

When investigators asked Thompson about his behavior, he claimed that he been using “bath salts” for three days. Neighbors stated that they had previously seen him engaged in strange behavior, like running through the woods, screaming, cursing, and hitting things.

Thompson was placed into the custody of Adult Protective Services and faces charges of animal cruelty. Police are continuing their investigation.

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