I agree with Stacy McCain. Time to raise Cain in 2012

Herman Cain
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The Trumpers keep telling us that “The Donald” is the only one telling it like it really is. They are overlooking one Herman Cain, who, unlike Trump, IS actually a true Conservative!

Take Cain’s position on border security for instance.

Nicholas Ballasy of CNSNews asked Herman Cain whether Mexican drug cartels should be declared foreign terrorist organizations. Cain agreed — “because we cannot become a lawless nation” — and then explained his four-point position on border security:

“Empower the states to do what the federal government won’t do, can’t do — empower the states. Give the power to the states to deal with the problem.”

Cain’s common-sense policy, supporting the right of states like Arizona to defend themselves against what can only be called a foreign invasion, is winning him more and more support among grassroots conservatives.

Amen! Much more at The Other McCain, including this video of Cain showing leadership, and vision.

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