Woman Steals Mother’s Identity So She Can Get Boob Job

Woman Steals Mother’s Identity So She Can Get Boob Job – Weekly Vice

Miriam Garmas, a 34-year-old Florida woman was jailed after she allegedly used her mother’s identity to buy herself a new set of breasts.


According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation was launched when the Garmas’ mother looked at her credit report and noticed several lines of credit open that she hadn’t authorized.

She reportedly called authorities and explained that it was likely her daughter who used her identity to commit fraud.

Investigators say Garmas used her mother’s name and social security number to establish several lines of credit.

The largest purchase reported from the fraudulent accounts was $4,200 that was used for breast augmentation surgery, according to Det. Juan Llera of the Sheriff’s office.

She went on to spend $445 at Victoria’s Secret, $321 at Old Navy and $2,333 for a new Dell Computer. In total, the fraudulent accounts “racked” up more than $10,000 in debt.

Garmas was booked into the Monroe County Jail on seven counts of fraud.

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