Yes, sometimes sanity does still prevail

It is easy to get cynical isn’t it? It sure seems like the forces of political correctness are always advancing, encroaching on our rights to speak, and write what we believe. Chris points out, however, that sometimes the good guys still win

Remember Derek Fenton? He’s the guy NJ Transit fired after video surfaced of him burning a Koran during a 9/11 protest last year. At the time Gov. Chris Christie said, “I knew he was going to be fired, and I had no problem with it.”

Well, guess what. The U.S. Constitution does have a problem with it. And yesterday, in what they hoped would be a low-key settlement, NJ Transit agreed to give Derek Fenton his job back, complete with back pay and legal fees.

“Our government cannot pick and choose whose free speech rights are protected, based on whether or not they approve of the content of our statements or actions,” Fenton said in a statement. “This is the very essence of the First Amendment.”

Now, for the record, I am not a fan of burning things as a form of protest. I tend to view it as a detestable act frankly. In this case, I think it does more to offend decent Muslims than it will ever do to change the radical Muslims.  However, in our country, certain rights are sacred, and the right to free speech is such a right. Nothing could ever be more obscene than for us to sacrifice our natural rights upon the altar of PC!

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