Woman Drives Drunk Onto Stranger’s Lawn, Wanders Into House

Woman Drives Drunk Onto Stranger’s Lawn, Wanders Into House – Weekly Vice

Rita Offerdahl, a 20-year-old Wisconsin woman was jailed Monday after she allegedly wandered drunk into a stranger’s home early Monday morning, went for a scavenger hunt and then proceeded to hide inside the homeowner’s living room.


According to the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office, Offerdahl was driving drunk when she got a flat tire and somehow ended up parked in a stranger’s front yard.

She reportedly got out of the car, raised the hood to check the engine and then proceeded to walk into the house she was parked near.

Investigators say the homeowner went into the living room and found Offerdahl sitting on her couch – but assumed that her son was home and that Offerdahl was with him.

About 1:40 a.m., Offerdahl reportedly walked into the homeowner’s bedroom, cussed at them and then fled to the living room, where she hid.

When the homeowner peered outside to see if anyone else was around her house, she found Offerdahls car sitting in her front lawn.

When the homeowner checked the garage, she found Offerdahl’s purse sitting in her car with several of her personal items in inside it – including keys to her car, a checkbook, a cell phone charger, two sets of golf club keys, a GPS device and a check written to Offerdahl in the amount of $100 from the homeowner’s checkbook.

Offerdahl was booked into the Sauk County Jail on charges of burglary, drunk driving and disorderly conduct. Her next court appearance has been set for May 9.

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