Racism? What racism?

Can you say double standards? No one seems to like hypocrisy, or double standards, yet, as Chris points out, these thing exist Even if the left refuses to see them as what they obviously are!

I don’t think the leaders of the New Black Panthers understand the meaning of the word “irony.”

Hot off their denunciation of an insignificant neo-nazi rally in Trenton last week, the New Black Panthers are organizing a “National Day of Action and Unity” to, get this, boycott “all non-black business on April 23rd. (h/t Nice Deb)

The New Black Panthers plan to protest non-black establishments and entities via “rallies, marches, demonstrations, programs, and confrontations” in over 60 cities.

“Because blacks worldwide are dissatisfied at their current condition,” the Panther’s announcement explain

I have never, nor will I ever grasp how the left excuses blatant bigotry when it is perpetrated by “minorities”. Of course, I get that Leftism, like all the bastard ideologies stemming from Marxism thrive on labeling then dividing people in order to gain influence and power. The Left has always divided people, whether by class, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. For all their talk of tolerance, the left is nothing of the sort. Sure they tolerate those who agree with them, but just try to deviate from their way, and see how quickly they throw you under the bus.

The “Panthers” are just another leftist group, seeking to divide people to gain power.

One thought on “Racism? What racism?”

  1. It’s definitely a double standard. Somehow, these people believe that minorities are incapable of being racists. On the same note, I posted the other day about a very similar incident. I included a YouTube video of Bobby Ghosh, the deputy international editor of Time magazine, in an interview saying that “burning a Koran is worse than burning a Bible….because the Bible was written by men, and the Koran was written by God”. If a Caucasian Christian person had said the same thing, only about the Koran, there would have been worldwide outrage. I guess my question is how can we have unity, when those who outwardly preach unity are the ones dividing us? It’s a “do as I say, not as I do” type of situation.

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