Wow, Obama can create jobs, in Brazil!

The more we get to know Obama’s economic policies, the more it looks like he is trying to destroy ours while building up those of our allies er enemies! Chris takes note of Obama’s love of Brazilian jobs

Is Brazil becoming the new home for jobs Obama won’t let Americans do? Our oil drilling industry is now dead in the water thanks to his head-in-the-sand policies. Brazil is in full-on Drill, Baby, Drill mode; encouraged by Mr. Obama and reinforced during his recent visit to that country.

So my radar perked up when I read a recent report in The Wichita Eagle that 1400 American jobs are on the line as the Obama Administration is considering awarding a Light Air Support aircraft contract to Brazil’s Embraer over Kansas-based Hawker Beechcraft.

If cost were the only material criteria, or if Embraer were a truly independent multi-national outfit, then by all means let the best bid win. But some things you just don’t outsource. National security is one of those things.

The Brazilian government is not an ally in the War on Terror. In fact they’re publicly against it. The airplane under consideration is slated to be a key component in that fight. The plane’s mission is Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance (LAAR), a new type of air support which promises to significantly improve our quick response capabilities. Faster response means fewer Americans get killed. I like that.

Both the Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 and the Embraer Super Tuscano are designed with LAAR support in mind. Either could be a fine choice. But here’s the rub. The Brazilian government holds veto power over all Embraer production and sales activity via a corporate regulation known as The Golden Share.

6 thoughts on “Wow, Obama can create jobs, in Brazil!”

  1. So…anybody up for Brazil being the next worls superpower?

    I mean, St. Barry clearly doesn’t want us to do the job anymore and Brazil has plenty of hot chicks, so to hell with it.

    Viva Brasilia, or whatever.

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