Socialists or Individualists

No two words more concisely define the difference between Left and Right than Collectivists and Individualists. Smitty of The Other McCain infamy sees this and examines whether or not Americans are still individualists.

I couldn’t agree less with O’Donnell’s thesis that Americans are Socialists, not rugged individualists.

Rather than just reject him entirely, though, we need to allow that there is a healthy chunk of the population with an unhealthy taste for the socialist whip. They exist. Stupid people. Fortunately, their stupidity often extends to their mating habits, with predictable non-results.
To the extent O’Donnell has a point, I submit that arguing the Socialist/individualist question at the national level is itself the problem. Let Massachusetts or California be as Socialist as they want to be, and don’t mess with Texas. We must halt the redistribution of wealth that lets the federal government be the collection agent for fools. O’Donnell may lack the intellectual honesty to deal with the results of prying Socialist states away from the federal tit. Enforcing sanity on O’Donnell is not our task. Protecting our wallets from the idiocy of O’Donnell and his ilk, however, is.

I agree, sadly too many of us are addicted to Socialist programs, and yes stupidity is the chief cause of that addiction. A genuine ignorance of our history, and our founders and their founding principles is at the root of that. Too many Americans are detached, self-absorbed and vote with their hands out. The fact is that our federal government has seized power over things the Constitution our founders gave us does not allow. Predictably, the further we move from the Constitution, the more our problems grow. I will allow Smitty, and his wisdom finish my thoughts here

I submit that admitting that 1913 was an abso-effing-lutely suck-tacular year for the US Constitution, and unwinding the ill deeds undertaken by Woodrow Fascist Wilson is crucial to letting the Progressive State of America experiment die its dismal death.
On a related note, Hot Air wants to know where the 5 minute tax form is. Going back to 1913, we need to repeal the 16th Amendment. There is no hope with the IRS. None. Nothing but byzantine pettifoggery there. We nix the IRS, and let the States figure out how to raise their allotted portion of the Federal tab. Doughty co-blogger Wombat will no doubt find gainful employment in Virginia, whose tax system will also grow burdensome. But the knuckleheads of Richmond are far more accountable than those within the Beltway.

Smitty is quite right, the simple fact is that the farther away from the people power is centralized, the worse that government gets. And, as our Founders knew, the problem is constraining government, not the people. Again, note our Constitution gave us constraints on the federal government. And also note that the Left has waged a war on those constraints for decades upon decades now. From Wilson, who Smitty rightfully despises, to FDR, and LBJ and Carter, and Obama, and scores of others, the Left loathes individualism, and embraces Collectivism, and make no mistake, Collectivism is the mortal enemy of God’s most precious blessing, liberty!

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