Man Jailed After Ejaculating On Woman In Grocery Store

Man Jailed After Ejaculating On Woman In Grocery Store – Weekly Vice

Bobby Carter, a 51-year-old truck-driver and registered sex offender from Kentucky was jailed after he allegedly ejaculated on a woman in the cereal aisle of an Aston area supermarket.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, Carter parked his tractor-trailer in front of Giant Food Store last month, walked inside and asked the clerk for directions to an industrial park.

After the store clerk gave him directions, he began wandering around the store. Surveillance video showed Carter as he was apparently following women around the store with his hands inside his pants.

Investigators say Carter chose his victim, a 36-year-old Township woman, and followed her closely down the cereal isle.


The victim reported that she was startled when she felt something hit the back of her leg. She reached around and felt the back of her pants, and found that they were wet with what she believed to be semen. Carter, who was behind her at the time, quickly exited the store.

Investigators ran tests on her clothing and concluded that the substance was indeed semen. Detectives then examined video surveillance tapes that showed the suspect acting suspiciously around her before fleeing the store.

Officers compared surveillance video from the grocery store with Carter’s previous mug shots and was able to confirm a match. He was taken into custody by Kentucky police after a brief chase ensued.

Carter was booked into the Hardin County Jail in West Point, KY on charges of fleeing and eluding police and being a fugitive from Pennsylvania. Extradition proceedings have been initiated to bring Carter back to Pennsylvania to face additional charges of indecent assault, stalking, and related offenses.

Records show Carter was convicted of sexual battery in Florida in 1992 and is on the Kentucky Lifetime Sex Offender Registry. He has a long criminal history that includes convictions for burglary, grand theft, forgery and other offenses.

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