Half-Naked Judge Caught Trying To Get Into Hotel Room Of Female Colleague

Half-Naked Judge Caught Trying To Get Into Hotel Room Of Female Colleague – Daily Mail

A judge was arrested after he was found naked wrapped in a bed sheet and trying to get into the hotel room of a female colleague.

District judge Douglas Gummo got drunk then hammered repeatedly on the door of the lady judge he had just met at a legal conference in Pennsylvania.


Police said the 42-year-old refused to take ‘No’ for an answer and when the frightened woman saw he was attempting to turn the doorknob of her bedroom door she called police.

Gummo was found to be naked under a white hotel bed sheet and was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

The bizarre incident took place as Gummo and other magisterial judges attended a legal conference at the Raddison Penn hotel in Harrisburg.

Gummo drank the alcohol on offer at the plush dinner until he was drunk. After the conference and dinner Gummo and the female judge, who has not been named, retired to their separate bedrooms.

According to a police arrest report Gummo banged on the judge’s door after midnight, but was refused entry.

He later returned and pestered the female judge to let him in.

The police report said: ‘Gummo returned a short period later and beat on her door for approximately ten minutes and attempted to turn the door knob.

‘He left and returned on two other occasions beating on the door attempting to gain access.’

The judge called police to the hotel and Gummo was arrested.

Gummo, who has made no comment on his arrest, covers courts that include Alexandria Borough, Barree Township, Birmingham Borough, West Township, and Franklin Township.

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