The Blog of the Day is A Conservative teacher

A fairly new addition to our blogroll, A Conservative Teacher dishes out fine posts like this one concerning the suckage of anti-smoking laws

n June 23, 2009 I wrote a post against attempts to regulate smoking, but apparently at that time I did not write a post stating my views on the local Michigan smoking ban. I did call in to some local radio shows then and express my view that the smoking ban would likely lead to less patrons visiting bars and resulting less tax revenue and more unemployment, but most of the radio hosts and other people in the state ignored that sort of advice, and so our Democratic Governor and Democratic Legislature went ahead and passed a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants.

One year later the results are coming in, and like most attempts by Democrats to govern our society, the result is a society that is less richer, prosperous, and free (and although the data would be hard to come by, I would also contend that since smokers now are forced to smoke in their own homes now, there are more home fires caused by smoking and so more losses of life). And as business has fallen and sales of food and liquor have fallen due to this smoking ban, that has meant less revenue to the state to support police, fire, education, and libraries, all things that liberal Democrats pretend that they support.

From story Bar Owners Plan Smoking Ban Protest — With Taxes:

…the group Protect Private Property Right in Michigan is proposing some pretty drastic measures to get lawmakers to take a second look at it. They want bar owners to stop paying taxes completely until the smoking issue is brought back up. And some bar owners TV5 spoke with didn’t think that’s a bad idea…

“It’s hurt us. I don’t know anybody in the small bar industry that it’s helped,” said (Co-owner of the Red Horse in Saginaw Chris) Adams. Just down the street from the Red Horse, bar owner Jerry Baleck at Patty Flemings feels the same way.

“I’m against it. I think it’s private property here, and I should be allowed to say whether I want to smoke or not,” said Baleck.

That’s why a growing number of business owners are taking matters into their own hands. They love their bars and hate the smoking ban law, so some are trying to get Lansing’s attention where it hurts — right in the wallet. A group of Michigan bar owners said they’ll set up private escrow accounts and hold off on paying their taxes. “Maybe they ain’t got enough money to pay their taxes in the first place with the smoking ban,” said Baleck.

“If we’re not making money, why should we give them money?” said Adams. At least 200 bar owners have pledged to stop paying their taxes. It’s a drastic step and owners TV5’s Liz Gelardi spoke with aren’t sure if they’re ready to go that far. “I don’t know. I’d have to know the ins and outs and know all the particulars before I would jump in and do something so drastic,” said Adams. “But yeah, I probably will consider it.”

“Are you going to keep paying your taxes?” Gelardi asked Baleck. “Well, yeah, [I] don’t need no tax problems,” responded Baleck.

“Hopefully we can get more numbers,” said Adams. “Hopefully we can double that, you know, so we can get twice as many people together and make a statement to the state and tell them we’re tired of being pushed around.”

There you have it, these absurd actions by Nanny Statists do nothing positive for anyone, accpt the egos of the Nanny Statists of course!

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