How about some weekend linky love?

Taking a tour around the old blogroll to see what everyone else is up to, especially of interest is their babe blogging, and this post will be updated throughout the weekend so keep checking back! If you don’t you will miss lots of babes like this one

A Trainwreck in Maxwell has a thing for gardening babes!

Adrienne has Kirstie Ally, plus some guy with some dance moves for the ladies

Duane Lester notes the ugly tone that Democrats call tolerance, Aleister adds another example for us

Ann Althouse ponders who we are fighting for in Libya

American and Proud has some humor for us all

Donald Douglas offers some Rule 5 blogging that doubles as a smackdown to Sharia assbackwardsness

Clifton is celebrating two years of blogging

We pause the linky love to bring you this hotness via Beyonce!

Blazing Cat Fur wants you to suck on a what?

Who knew that turkey burgers could be so, well, SMOKING HOT! Blogmocracy knew!

Is Haley Barbour hot, or just a RINO? Bluegrass Pundit ponders this age-old question

Bring the Heat brings us the beauty of Jessica Burciaga

Brutally Honest poses a brutal possibility to consider!

Bob Belevedere ponders the obsession of another blogger for this Latin babe, Juliana Moreira

Carol, opens up her Closet of blogging excellence and reveals her crush on Mark Steyn

COED offers up a gal named Cody Cameron awwww

John Carey thinks patriotism is what made Patrick Henry quite the babe magnet in his day

Daniel Greenfield has a linkfest of his own that is well worth a look, and speaking of well worth a look!

Doug Powers considers Sarah Palin vs Bil Maher, call it the Babe vs the Douchenozzle

Jamie Jeffords has the adorably sexy Vanessa Hudgens

Fire Andrea Mitchell has Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a perfect example of how beauty might be skin deep, but stupid goes al the way to the bone!

Mike of Fishersville, thinks cheerleaders are good!

Fleece Me is hyped about BASEBALL!

Fortress Outpost features large breasts and large guns!

Fountain Abbey has memories of some Seventies babes

Fuzzy Slippers might not be the biggest fan of this handsome Republican

Full Metal Patriot has the first trailer for Captain America

Gateway Pundit: TAX HIKES KILL JOBS!

Guyism has a three-way fight between some worthy babes!

Billy Bob offers up Veronika Zermanova!

I Own the World has a MUST SEE photo shop!

Si Vas Pacem has a beauty queen, who can shoot!

JWF: Media Matters Marxists skewered by Red Eye!

And now, another babe

Jefferson’s Rebels has a babe with a good idea!

King Shamus has Babes from Brazil! Oh yes!

Knuckledraggin has a GIANT |DOG!

LCR has a girl, in a bikini, attacking BK!

Maggies Notebook is getting good at this Rule 5 thing. Consider her featuring a new Bond Girl!

American Perspective has the ever hot Shakira

The soon to be added to the blogroll Observatorium adds Kristen Bell

Mean Old Meany is just begging to be called RAAAAACIST for this post!

Michelle takes some good shots at the Worm who is also a Weiner! Also continue to pray that Michelle’s cousin is found safe!

That crazy robot dude has SWEATER PUPPIES! YEAH!

Van Helsing has a different birth certificate controversy!

And now this update from yet another babe!

Steve: Government over reach anyone?

Nice Deb thinks John Stossel is kinda sexy I think

Carol saw her beloved Blue Devils lose, and now, my Gators FINALLY found a way to choke a win away!

A belated congrats to my favorite Dawg fan!

William Teach has an eye test for climate change nuts

POH Diaries has you showing up to court drunk story

Proof Positive has a Friday Night Babe!

Jill has a Suzy Boggus video

This just in from Natasha Yi

Randy: Would strippers make golf less boring?

Say Anything has links! And more links!

Sentry Journal: It is about Morals!

Pat is blogging about BEER!

Soylent Green has a HOT teacher!

Wyatt has a story of lust, a spurned woman, and a gun!

That Mr G Guy has a sexy water ad

The Classic Liberal brings us Emmy Rossum loveliness

The Other McCain features the NON Babe Nina Totenberg

Theo has a bonus babe that stuns!

Lance Burri helps pimp my quest for 500,000 hits!

If I forgot anyone please let me know, and to close I offer yet another babe!

24 thoughts on “How about some weekend linky love?”

  1. Holy Carp! How do you do such a huge linky love thingy??? I’m beyond impressed.

    Kirstie Alley will be 30 lbs lighter by the end of the show (and that guy she’s dancing with may be a bit of an ass, but he sure is pretty!)

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    Did I mention that this is awesome?

    Seriously, thanks for including me, Gator. There’s some great work up there and it’s a compliment to be placed amongst such quality bloggers.

  3. You may be right!
    I may be crazy.
    But it just may be a lunatic you’re lookin’ for…

    Thanks for the link my friend!
    Tons of great work here. And congrats on your 500k!

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