Why DO Democrats always oppose legitimate elections?

Smitty, at the Other McCain wonders why Alan Colmes is so worked up over a bill to help LEGITIMIZEelections.

Why is it that Republicans tend to favor policies that reduce voter registration, while Democrats do the opposite? The Texas House passed a bill, supported by Governor Rick Perry…requiring photo ID, and it is likely to hurt minority voter turnout.

See, Colmes is whining to beat the band and over what? Making sure that we can cut down on bogus voting? Maybe Colmes is a RAAAAACIST, because he seems to be using Liberal code speak for “You know those Black folks do not have any ID!” Come on Colmes, just admit it. You obviously are a RAAAAACIST!

Here is my podcast where I ask the political question, Why do dead people NEVER vote for Republicans?”

3 thoughts on “Why DO Democrats always oppose legitimate elections?”

  1. Having never been a “commie,” having voted in every election since I was 18, I feel confident in saying that
    1) the actual occurrances of folks illegally voting is statistically nill
    2) the actual occurrances of Republican officials actually working to prevent folk (any color as long as they are Democrats) is startlingly high
    (exhibit A Ken Blackwell in Ohio reduced the amount of voting machines in Democratic precincts)
    3) The Indiana Republican Secretary of State and his very recent indictment on voter fraud charges
    4) the New Hampshire Republican operative who was paid by the Bush White House to conduct the operation to block the GOTV phones of Dems, he went to jail and then wrote a book about it
    All Dems are Not Commies, we, You and I and 50 years of struggle beat the commies they are the dustbin of history and Commies would not be or vote for Dems cause they HATE them
    So are all Republicans Tea Partiers or John Birchers?

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