Yep, Multilateral Retardation sums it up fairly well I think.

Stacy McCain weighs in on Obama, and his Libya strategizing.

What slapped me upside the head in Obama’s press conference yesterday was his insistence that an “international consensus” justified the attacks on Libya, and that multilateralism was a “core principle” of his foreign policy. Nothing could be more harmful, more calculated to infringe U.S. sovereignty. This undermines the proper goal of foreign policy, namely the pursuit of our national interest.

If hostile foreign powers know that the U.S. cannot go to war without an “international consensus,” then they will seek to influence or intimidate potential allies. By denying America a “consensus,” they will thereby render the U.S. military impotent, so that our interests overseas (whatever those interests may be) are at the mercy of any aggressor.

The best way to defeat a hostile coalition, as Winston Churchill pointed out in The World Crisis, is to attack its weakest member. And this is exactly how America’s enemies operate when seeking to deprive us of the “international consensus” that liberals insist is necessary for the United States to take military action

Absolutely correct! The complete lack of leadership here is stunning. And when the American president lacks resolve, and a backbone, that makes America, as a whole, look weak. That is the very worst thing we can look to the “rest of the world”. Not to mention that it seems that Obama, the “Constitutional Scholar”, has ignored Congress in this in favor of the U.N. As I have said before, I am not sure what Constitution Obama has studied, but it clearly is not ours!

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