So, what does become of useful idiots anyway?

Matt looks at history, and opines, correctly I think, that what DID happen to the useful idiot, WILL happen again. Maybe the useful idiot ought to study history a bit, before, well……………..

What sticks out for me is how very well this all compares to what is happening now.  There have been outside influences “inserted” into our society.  Whether it is Move  On, Think Regress, organized labor, the organizations formerly known as ACORN, Common Cause, ACLU, SPLC, and so on, all are designed to disrupt and destroy  our Republic.  These organizations  are causing disorder, and are simply making our free society increasingly impossible to function.  Any of the organizations might create, invent, or otherwise exploit class differences, attack our culture and values, smear people that resist or expose them, cause businesses, systems, or communities to fail…the list goes on and on.  And then, as Bezmenov points out, the accumulated damage caused by these efforts brings the nation to crisis.  We are rapidly approaching that point.

Additionally, our government is actively pursuing these same ends.  From the Department of Education, to the EPA, our own government is engaging in endless “Cloward-Piven” strategies.    While, on the surface, they are trying to “nudge” us into what they have deemed to be the “correct” way to live, can we also say they these strategies are also pushing us into crisis?  And if it is crisis that they seek, is not more power the end-goal?  Is not a result that more and more people are now dependent on government?  As the video points out, how many people are asking for more government to “solve” the problems that government caused in the fist place?

2 thoughts on “So, what does become of useful idiots anyway?”

  1. Ok, I’ll take a few of these points
    ACLU founded in 1920s to protect folk from arbitray imprisonment, later defended the teacher in the Scopes trial, and assisted in Brown v. Board of Education which ended separate but equal (how was that a bad thing)
    Organized Labor an outside influence? in what manner? Organized workers, craft members have been a part of the human race since about the time of the Black Plague. They were formed to protect the (then) and (now) powerless from their corporate bosses. Read the history of the Triangle Fire, or of the Coal Miners and the Company Store. Government would not intefere withe the unequal relationship between workers and the corporations so the workers had to unite to not starve.
    Exploit class differences? so when Exxon pays no Federal Income Tax, or when the obscenely rich pay no or little taxes…is that not an example of class warfare? I mean I pay MY taxes…
    I ‘m not saying there are no sleepers, but what is their mission now that the Soviet Union lies on the dustbin of history?

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