Saturday Rule 5! The Breast ogling diet!

The blogs exploded with news that looking at breasts was actually good for men, no wonder the feminuts hate it so much. So, in the spirit of ogling, observing, and checking out hot women, I give you a rule 5 post that might just become a new diet craze!

Chris, at Wyblog gave some considerable mention to this story, then broke our hearts. HOAX?

Western Hero honors Jane Russell

Washington Rebel uses babes to  make a point

I interrupt this Rule 5 post to bring y’all this important message from viral footage!

Lance bought into the Beer diet fad too!

Three Beers later thinks maybe Denise Milani is good for your heart!

Theo reminds us that a clean babe is a good babe!

Stacy McCain talks Huckabee vs Natalie Portman

Mike lets Britney Spears present his Rule 5

Russ has a thing for redheads!

That Mr. G Guy presents some natural Rule 5

Wyatt offers up some healthy Christina Hendricks

Pat Austin has Bristol Palin news

Randy has a Tart for us

Proof Positive loves Friday Nights!

William Teach has Miranda Kerr

Paco has some Dorothy Dandridge

MNR has Larissa Riquelme

Maggies Notebook has Anna Rawson

Wirecutter has, well, this

In a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, another new addition to our blogroll, has a pinup!

Hookers and Booze honors Texas in Rule 5 style

Billy Bob has WOW!

Guyism has Kate Upton and bikinis!

Steve Burri has a lucky dog!

Full Metal Patriot offers up Diane Lane

Fountain Abbey has a bevy of babes

Fotress Outpost has space babes

Allison Brie anyone? Presented by Jamie Jeffords

Dustbury has some Rashida Jones

COED has March EMs

Bob Belvedere loves the health benefits of Rule 5!

Bring the Heat brings Raquel Welch

Blazing Cat Fur was all over the benefits of ogling

Donald Douglas IS the Britney Spears blogging king!

7 thoughts on “Saturday Rule 5! The Breast ogling diet!”

  1. Loved the video. I was stationed in Panama back when it was a sleepy little backwater paradise. I guess they’ve really gone upscale since I was there. I used to scuba dive off of Isla Mamey and Isla Grande. I was young and single… Those were the days!

      1. The first 20 seconds of that video had no scantily-clad women in it at all! I expected better from you.

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