Daily Benefactor News – Wisconsin Democrat Assemblyman To Republican: ”You’re F-ing Dead”



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Wisconsin Democrat Assemblyman To Republican: ”You’re F-ing Dead” – Habledash

Wisconsin, particularly Madison, is where progressivism (liberalism) was allegedly born. That explains why the protests have been so violent in the dairy state’s capital. We’ve reported closely on the thug labor union protestors and their violent attacks on the opposition and the media.

However, The Daily Caller reported a very serious incident today. Milwaukee AM 620 radio host Charlie Sykes brought attention to an encounter between a Democrat and Republican state representative and it’s what we’ve been expecting all along: a Republican’s life was threatened.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been standing strong while Democratic state senators bolted to Illinois to avoid casting a vote that would put their collective bargaining rights on the same level as federal employees. Collectively bargaining is a privilege, not a right.

On his radio show, Charlie Sykes detailed an exchange between Democratic State Rep. Gordon Hintz and Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens. It needs to be noted that earlier this month, Gordon Hintz was busted in a prostitution sting, so it’s clear that we have a pervert on our hands. After the vote was taken to “engross” Walker’s state budget repair bill, the true color of a liberal came to light.


“You’re f*cking dead.”

State Rep. Hintz made that statement directly to Michelle Litjens, a Republican who supports Governor Walker. She has confirmed this and even called on the media to investigate the situation.

The radio host went so far as to challenge the media.

“Here’s my challenge: Is anybody in the media going to follow up on this story about Gordon Hintz? All you need to do is call the state representative. Call Michelle Litjens, ask her this question. Call Gordon Hintz, ask him. Call other members and if he denies it, I actually have a list of other legislators who heard it.”

We’re surprised it took this long for a death threat to have been made. Watching the many clips, it’s quite apparent that these protestors are violent thugs that are devoid of the facts of the situation. Their objective is to keep their liberal agenda moving forward at any expense, including threatening the life of a co-worker because she has a different opinion.

Hintz, shortly ago, apologized for his comments, but only because he was caught.

“I believe my response was shock. The only way they were going to pass this bill was by ignoring and shredding rules of the Assembly. I apologized when I learned my comments may have been taken personally by someone.”

Personal attacks tend to get taken personally.

This is what it’s come to. Threaten the opposition with violence to scare them into hiding. All of these tactics are key principles to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Make no mistake, these thugs are radicals, and it’s going to get worse before it gets any better in Wisconsin.

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