Massachusetts Democrat Hounded Women During Sex-Crazed Spree

Massachusetts Democrat Hounded Women During Sex-Crazed Spree – Daily Mail

A former politician has been sent to jail for three months after he ‘accosted four women in a sex-crazed spree over four hours’.

James Marzilli, 52, who is being treated for mental illness, told one woman: ‘The sex is sweet, the sex is sweet, you want it and you want to go with me’, prosecutors said.

The creepy behavior of the grandfather and former Arlington Democrat state senator in Massachusetts was slammed as ‘repulsive’ and ‘potentially dangerous’ by a judge.

The spree happened when he was on official business in Lowell in June 2008. One of his victims was handicapped, Lowell Superior Court was told.

He went up to the women on foot and in a car over four hours and made lewd remarks to them. They replied by calling him a ‘pervert’ and telling him to buy a $20 prostitute.

One of the Arlington Democrat’s victims was handicapped, police said.

‘He makes the law and then he breaks them,’ one woman told prosecutors.

‘I think he’s an ill man – I really, really do,’ Terrence Kennedy, defending, told the Boston Herald after Marzilli was sent to the Billerica House of Correction.

‘I believe the behavior that was exhibited that day was due to mental illness. You don’t live your life for 50 years with no issues and have this come out of nowhere.’

Mr Kennedy expects Marzilli, who has spent time at a psychiatric institution and is being treated for bipolar disorder and anxiety, will serve less than 55 days in jail.

He pleaded guilty to charges of accosting, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, in front of superior court Judge Paul Chernoff.

‘Marzilli made a mistake,’ his friend and former senator George Bachrach said.

‘He’s going to pay for it. Clearly, he became unglued. How else do you explain what happened?’

He had also been charged with attempted indecent assault and battery for reaching for the crotch of a nurse’s assistant waiting for a patient on a bench.

But he will not have to register as a sex offender because this more serious charge was continued by the judge for one year, rather than declaring him guilty earlier.

Marzilli must be on probation for five years, perform 200 hours of community service and wear a GPS locator bracelet on release from prison.

He has been volunteering with Somali children and doing botanical gardening, after his employment prospects were destroyed by the case’s revelations.

None of the victims came to court for the hearing and some are now too afraid to go out in the downtown Lowell area again, said Elizabeth Dunigan, prosecuting.

‘At the time of his arrest, he was focused on himself, his career, his future,’ she added.

‘Maybe in time it can be a little bit about what these women lost on the streets of Lowell.’

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