Submitted for your consideration

Lots of folks, including me, on this blog and on my radio show, have asserted that either our president is completely and utterly incompetent or, he is intentionally trying to undermine and bring down America.

The Mind Numbed Robot lays out the case for treason at his blog make sure to read it all

Some would like us to entertain the idea that Barack Hussein Obama is an idiot. ‘He is just inexperienced.’ ‘Give him a chance, he’ll get it right eventually,’ they might say. Or some would say there is a puppet-master lurking in an anteroom of the White House, feeding the teleprompter. Some would say such things, and they might be right in most cases. But the larger truth is, there can be no doubt of Barack Hussein Obama’s motives. He despises America and everything it stands for. His actions reveal his plan even though his words leave you with whatever impression you want to take away from his convoluted double speak.

Even if someone or some other force is at work directing his actions, the actions and their consequences still lay at his feet.

A complicit media and congress have allowed him to do so much damage  to our constitution both through unconstitutional policy set by unelected appointees and passage of unjust, unconstitutional law, that it cannot be interpreted as anything but an attack on America.

I will offer a caveat though, lest someone say I’m being too harsh, let’s give credit where credit is due. While Obama is surely inexperienced at running a country; he’s doing a damn good job of running one into the ground.

I’ll also grant you this: the republicans and democrats alike have spent us into a hole of almost insurmountable debt over the last decades, weakening our resolve with ever increasing taxation while indoctrinating our people with their Utopian nightmare through the public schools and academia alike. However damaging that was, nothing compares to the onslaught of the socialistic, traitorous Democratic Party in charge of the legislature the past two years. It’s as if the last hundred years of failed social experimentation with the welfare state was just a set-up for the final blows to be administered by Obama, Pelosi and Reid and their collectivist, statist, sycophants.

Also blogging about this is Bob Belvedere at Camp of the Saints

The Founders specifically defined Treason in a very narrow way because the charge had been so abused by governments in the past [Henry VIII being, perhaps, the biggest offender, both legally and size-wise] and, fearing that those in power in the future would yield to the temptation to use the charge to punish their opponents, they sought to make the charge difficult to be leveled.  This wise decision has kept a formidable power out of the hands of our politicians and we have benefitted greatly.  Few and far between have been the prosecutions for Treason in America.

However, it is clear that Barack Hussein Obama has met the tough requirements for the charge to be levelled against him.  As MNR puts it:


1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

Barack Hussein Obama, by employing the Cloward-Piven Stategy is, by definition, attempting to overthrow the government from the inside. To remake America into something it was never intended to be, in fact, to remake it into precisely the opposite of its original intent.

2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

When Obama took the oath of office, he swore an oath to defend the Constitution and almost immediately afterward proceeded to ignore it and dismantle it. He has done so from the highest position of power in the land and therefore has violated his oath of allegiance to The United States and to protect the Constitution.

3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

Obama has betrayed the trust placed in him by the people of the United States through the office of the Presidency and has attempted to conceal the enormity of his malicious intent through the use of subterfuge and deceit with the aid of many in Congress and the media.

In The United States, the sovereign is the citizens as a whole.  While Obama and his Socialist comrades have not tried to kill the Sovereignty as of yet [that won’t happen until the Death Panels get into high-gear or he sends troops in to quash TEA Party protests], he has sought to harm us by enslaving us to the state.  He has cavalierly abused and usurped the powers granted by the people to the national government.  He has breached his oath of office by taking direct actions that violated The Constitution.  He has provided aid and comfort to our enemies, both foreign and domestic.  In short, as the Mind Numbed Robot points out: Barack Hussein Obama has committed Treason against the people of The United States Of America — lèse majesté.

For my part, I say this, all those times Obama campaigned with a vow to “fundamentally CHANGE America” he meant exactly that! He does not respect or revere the Founders, the founding documents, or individual liberties. He truly believes, i would say, that we in America, ought to follow the path of Marxism. Now whether that path he prefers leads simply to a European Socialism of bloated entitlements and unsustainable government spending and social engineering, or if his ultimate goal is a purely Marxist state I cannot say. But, when the man said fundamental change, he meant it. Sadly we, the people either did not heed the warning that should have echoed in our brains each time he used that phrase, or, we welcomed it as a needed change, we are now in a fight to save our REPUBLIC!

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