No death panels in Socialized Medicine? UPDATED!

Oh yes, sadly there are indeed, and anyone who thinks, rather than emotes about
“universal health care” and how health care is a “right” damn well knows it! For everyone else, they should take a few moments and read this

How many liberals have clamored for the humanity of the Canadian Health Care system? I think it’s safe to say that at one time, a majority of them have advocated for a single payer system.

One of the problems with single payer is the government can decide to stop paying because some “death panel” declared the patient’s life not worth the money required to keep them alive.

For example, a panel in Canada’s health care system has decided to remove a baby from life support, despite the parents protestations. The parents when to court. The court found in favor of the government.

So now, rather than die at home, with loved ones surrounding him, baby Joseph Maraachli will die at the hospital, at the hands of the Canadian health care system:

The father and relatives of one-year-old Joseph Maraachli wept outside a London courthouse after an emotional Justice Helen Rady upheld the earlier decision of an independent provincial tribunal forcing the baby’s parents to comply with doctors’ orders.

With all of their legal avenues exhausted, the family will have to say goodbye to Joseph Monday morning — on Family Day — when his breathing tube will be removed.

“I do my best for my baby. My son is not a criminal . . . to just let him die,” dad Moe Maraachli said through tears.

“They are taking my baby away from me . . . Where is the humanity?”

He said he didn’t know how to break the news to his wife Sana Nader, who was too upset to sit through the day’s court proceedings, or explain to their seven-year-old son Ali what’s going to happen to his little brother.

The parents have accepted the inevitable death of Joseph, and asked the hospital to perform a tracheotomy “which would open up a direct airway through an incision in Joseph’s trachea and make it possible to bring the baby home” to die.

The hospital refused because that might lead to an infection, which could kill him.

No, really:

Although the couple has accepted their baby boy’s inevitable death, they insisted that it occur peacefully at home and not by removing his breathing tube, which will cause him to choke since he can’t swallow or breathe on his own. The parents asked for a tracheotomy, which would open up a direct airway through an incision in Joseph’s trachea and make it possible to bring the baby home.

But doctors refused to perform the procedure, citing serious risks of infection, pneumonia and other possible complications.

Behold the logic of government.

It gets worse:

They have no compassion for us,” a tearful Faith said.

“I believe when the medical world doesn’t understand a situation, they just want to get rid of it,” Samar said. “That’s exactly what’s happening.”

Outside court, all the lawyers involved agreed Joseph’s is a “tragic” case but a decision had to be made in the child’s best interest.

Ah the compassion of Leftism, how barbaric it truly is

Political Junkie Mom has an update of interest

Now he might have the chance.  From the Toronto Sun:

A dying Windsor, Ont., baby who was likely to be taken off life support this week at a London, Ont., hospital might instead be moved to a Michigan hospital.

The family wants to take Joseph home to die. Let’s pray doctors in Michigan help that happen. Pray. If you’d like to donate to help defray their legal costs, go here. For more updates, join the Save Baby Joseph Facebook page.

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