Feminuts dig up dead horse, start beating it again

Jill at Pundette: Can’t these dogs learn some new tricks?

The ad is laughably awful, and nonsensical to boot: What could possibly be scarier than Gosnell and other butchers who operated legally for decades? Back alleys and hangers got nothing on these guys.

What’s got MoveOn worried is this: House Budget Bill May Push Five Pro-Life Policies on Abortion.

This woman has the cleanest closet ever:

2 thoughts on “Feminuts dig up dead horse, start beating it again”

  1. You know I think there is nothing to laugh about about that creep in Philly, deserves a fair trial and long imprisonment. But women’s health care, including abortion and contraceptive health care as YOU seem to see it is all about Big Government. If you don’t want an abortion don’t have one, if you don’t want to use condoms don’t but don’t force others with the force of BIG government to have unwanted babies and no contraceptives.
    As one who has defended women’s clinics and escorted women to them (when I was much younger) I can truly say I have seen both sides of the fence….

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