What kind of tacos are these again?

Well, you might not believe it, but, trust me, I ain’t “lion” about the meat in these tacos!

Have we run out of things to consume? In a country where obesity is at an all time high and 99¢ menus dominate the landscape, I’m really at a loss here. This is the kind of stunt that allows vegetarians to score points.

“Bryan Mazon, the owner of Boca Tacos and Tequila, said Monday that his Tucson eatery has received “many threats” against the restaurant, family members, customers and vendors since he announced last week that he was taking prepaid orders for the exotic tacos.” via msnbc 1/25/11

*Shakes head in disapproval* Two words: ‘Disgusting’ and ‘sad’. 

One thought on “What kind of tacos are these again?”


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