Woman Jailed After Canadian Police Discover Photos Of Her Sexually Abusing Children And Dog

Woman Jailed After Canadian Police Discover Photos Of Her Sexually Abusing Children And Dog – Weekly Vice

Krystal Violet Norby, a 25-year-old Minnesota woman was jailed after she allegedly photographed herself having sex with two children and a dog.

According to the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office, detectives began an investigation after a Child Exploitation Unit in Toronto, Canada advised them of a sexual abuse case they had uncovered through a peer-to-peer Internet file sharing network that is known for the rapid exchange of child pornography.

The investigation began when images were found through the network that depicted an adult woman, later identified as Norby, having sexual contact with two small children and a dog.

Toronto investigators initiated contact with the user who uploaded the images, conducted chats with the user, confirmed her identity and traced her location to Chisago County.

When Chisago County investigators visited the woman’s home, they reportedly discovered structural characteristics and decorations inside the home that matched those depicted in the photographs. Officers seized items from the home for further analysis.

Detectives believe the images were disseminated to a resident in Hugo, Minnesota and have since contacted Washington County authorities to pursue the case in their respective county.

Norby was booked into jail on two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of bestiality. Her bail has been set at $40,000.

The two children involved in the case have been taken into protective custody.

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13 thoughts on “Woman Jailed After Canadian Police Discover Photos Of Her Sexually Abusing Children And Dog”

  1. To a liberal this is just another ‘personal lifestyle choice’. If you discriminate against her you are pedobestialophobic and need to take sensitivity classes in a government reeducation camp.

    1. How you’ve equated a story about a sexual deviant to politics is just another disgusting Conservative tactic. There’s nothing here that implies any political stance at all. That you would take such a sad story and try to use it to advance your political agenda is sad.

      The poor kids and the dog have been through enough, do you really have to use them more?

      1. She does not have access to her children. they were removed by child protection services and as for the animals, they have been removed as well

      2. So, you’re claiming, Rupe, that John’s assertion that there ARE no liberals who would attempt to defend this as acceptable behavior? That, in fact, most, if not all, liberals would deride it as blatantly unacceptable behavior?

        Just wondering. You know, if it was “rape rape” or just some “foolin’ around”.


  2. Awww Krystal was NEVER like that.. I’ve know her for ten yrs.. and last seen her back in 2007 when we got together with both of our sons .. and she was such a GOOD MOTHER back than too! I dunno how she became so bad 😦

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