How are we going to tolerate the Burri boys for the next two weeks?

Steve and Lance are Packer fans, Cheese Heads, you know good guys with questionable taste in football teams, and head gear. But, as much as I like these two, I am not looking forward to their big heads the next two weeks. And, as bad as their boasting will be, can you imagine how bad they will be after the Steelers punk the Packers? Maybe Lance and Steve could buy a Troy Polamalu wig and wear them? Hmmmm, here is a picture or two for the Burri boys to ponder, and, I guess a bit of Rule 5 for the ladies

16 thoughts on “How are we going to tolerate the Burri boys for the next two weeks?”

  1. “Questionable taste in football teams?” What’s your team doing these next two weeks?

    Watching the Packers on Sportscenter, that’s what.

    In other news: how did you photoshop my abs onto that picture of Polamalu?

    1. I’ve been a Steelers fan since 1969, and while I cannot speak for any other follower of the black and gold, I can say that beating the Packers in the Super Bowl – should that actually come to pass – rates lower on my list of Steelers accomplishments this year than being the team to finally shut up those wretched Jets and their insufferable fans. Sure, I’d like to see Pittsburgh win a seventh league championship, but if that doesn’t happen, I will still sleep the sleep of the righteous, secure in the knowledge that at least there won’t be a Super Bowl victory parade in New York City anytime soon. Best of luck to your Green-clad warriors in their upcoming match with my beloved Steelers. May it be an exciting game!

    2. Indeed Steve, the Steelers have a slight edge defensively and the Packers are a little better offensively, so it should be fairly interesting to watch. These two teams play each other less than just about any other pair in the league, so this match-up is difficult to predict. Still, I think most folks would like to see the Pack win simply because they don’t get to the big show as often as Pittsburgh does. What can I say, when you’re the best at something, people tend to want to knock you down a peg or two. I just hope the Steelers don’t eventually become as hated as the fucking Cowboys!

    1. Hey, I have no problem with the boys in Green at all, in fact I sorta like the bastards, but freakin’ cheeseheads…? You people need to adopt a considerably less embarrassing rally symbol for your team. Too bad the Terrible Towel is already taken. ;o)

    1. Steve, I hope you don’t mind that I just called Lance a green-soaked douche-nozzle with bad breath and a marked propensity for using unnecessary punctuation. His ugly remarks regarding my beloved Steelers on his blog demanded an immediate reprisal on my part.

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