The very thought of Huckabee as the GOP nominee makes me…………

Throw up in my mouth frankly. The fakest Republican, Mike “I love Michelle Obama’s food police idea”, keeps being pushed by some, not to mention Michael Medved by name, as the ideal GOP nominee in 2012. Personally, I look at Huckabee and I see what the bastard child of a televangelist and a used car salesman would be. Stacy McCain, who is never wrong when he agrees with me is not overly impressed with Huck-A-Phoney either.

At MSNBC, Chuck Todd is doing cartwheels in his Team Obama cheerleader skirt over a poll showing a spike in the president’s approval. What ought to have Republicans calling the suicide hotline is the poll’s numbers showing Mike Huckabee ahead of the GOP 2012 pack:

Looking ahead to the 2012 presidential race, the NBC/WSJ poll shows Obama leading Mike Huckabee by 10 points (51%-41%) and Newt Gingrich by 19 points (54%-35%). The December poll had him leading Mitt Romney by seven (47%-40%) and Sarah Palin by 22 (55%-33%). But keep in mind: At this stage of the 1996 cycle, McInturff says, Bob Dole was leading Bill Clinton in the NBC/WSJ poll. That tells us one of two things: Either these polls aren’t that reliable this far out, or that Obama enters the 2012 in a much stronger position than Clinton did in ’96. For the first time, our poll also handicapped the ’12 GOP field. Leading the pack are Romney (the first choice of 19% of Republicans and independents) and Huckabee (18%) — followed by Palin (14%), Gingrich (10%), Ron Paul (8%), and Tim Pawlenty (at 5%). We also asked “second choice,” and if you take Palin out, the person who benefits the most is Huckabee. He would lead a Palin-less GOP primary, not Romney.

Before you swallow that bottle of sleeping pills, slash your wrists and stick your head in the oven, however, let me remind you that these are nationwide numbers, that the poll’s methodology looks screwyDa Tech Guy thinks the sample is not exacfly random – and that the results of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary will not be determined by such craptastic media trickery. Actual people have to cast actual votes, and the Iowa caucuses are still a year away.

Very good points, and I would caution against reading too much into such an “outcome based” poll myself. I would also caution against keeping the image of Chuck Todd in a cheerleaders skirt, or of Huckabee accepting the GOP nomination in your head too long. Of course, what if, the unspeakable abomination were to eventually happen? Huckabee winning the nomination, not Todd in a cheerleader outfit doing cartwheels, which he has likely done at MSNBS. What if that happens and it comes down to voting for Obama or Huckabee? Chris weighs in with solid advice

But if that syphilitic camel was named Mike Huckabee I’d shoot myself immediately afterward.

Via pjMom, the Quote of the Day:

Well, based on the past two years I’d vote for a syphilitic camel if he ran against Obama.


Call it the ultimate nose-holder, but before you stress out over the unthinkable, remember, November 2012 is a looong way away, so relax. There are many fine possibilities that might with the GOP nomination, but, we might want to find a syphilitic camel JUST IN CASE!

2 thoughts on “The very thought of Huckabee as the GOP nominee makes me…………”

    1. I am hoping Herman Caine does well, and my governor, Perry might run, it is looking like it is being considered. there is also Mike Pence to consider.

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